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Tracking Growth and Success

Serving diverse communities across two Virginia counties, Eastern Shore CSB (ESCSB) has grown and expanded its programs and services since its 2014 GoLive was achieved on the Credible Behavioral Health integrated EHR platform. From state reporting ease of use to treatment plan efficiency and outcomes tracking that makes progress visibly, Credible is supporting ESCB as the organization works to provide the best care possible, enhance outcomes, maximize resources, improve efficiencies, and reduce claims denials by filing accurately and on time.

Efficiencies Gained, Time Saved | Virginia State Reporting and Compliance Success

“Moving from paper to Credible made the state reporting automated, and activities that previously took all day have been reduced to 10 minutes of work,” said Stephen Hopkins, Credible EHR Systems Administrator for ESCSB.

“Virginia state reporting typically updates annually, and it can be challenging for agencies who are working manually to keep up,” said Stefanie Wood, Qualifacts + Credible Partner Success Manager. “Our state reporting team tracks changes and updates customers regularly, so they stay informed, and can make the changes they need to make in their self-managed forms.”

“The Credible EHR platform has a significant presence in the state of Virginia, and we attribute that to the collaboration and cooperation of our partner community and their willingness to share their knowledge, the experience and skill of our implementation team, and the efforts of our compliance team to obtain and share information,” said Robert Patton, Qualifacts + Credible Vice President of Implementation Services.

“Along with collecting mandated data, provider organizations also configure their workflows to their own best practices. The Credible behavioral health EHR allows them to tag, and report on data from their workflows to inform their metrics and guide decision making,” said Joe Wheeler, Qualifacts + Credible Product Management Lead. “Self-service configurability and self-managed updates are significant benefits that Credible partners gain, to save time and support organizational success.”

Adapting Services, Decreasing No Shows, and Increasing Retention | Telehealth Expansion under COVID-19

When ESCSB went live with the Credible platform, telehealth and virtual care weren’t at the forefront of their service delivery strategies. “Everything changed very quickly when our teams were sent home and we shifted to telehealth,” Hopkins said. “We will keep it going, for as long as the state and CMS are allowing us to deliver services remotely and bill for it.”

ESCSB foresees a long-term hybrid model of care: “No shows are down for many of our services, since we made expanded telehealth,” Hopkins said. “Attendance for some programs and services has increased, and remains higher than before telehealth was expanded.”

Along with decreasing no shows, telehealth expansion had the additional benefit of increasing staff retention and attraction. “Being able to provide telehealth has helped us increase satisfaction among the most senior and experienced and highest credentialed staff, who can also be the most challenging to attract and keep,” Hopkins said.

Fewer Missed Appointments and Better Productivity | Enhanced Client Engagement

Along with the advantages that telehealth brings in reducing missed appointments, Credible’s tools for Enhanced Client Engagement help staff manage scheduling to fill empty spaces, which expands the number of services that can be offered with existing staff. “No shows have been significantly reduced,” Hopkins said. “We can see who needs reminders, we can see their attendance patterns, we can see where there are openings on the schedule, and we can manage our resources and enhance care.”

RCM Enhancement | Productivity, Efficiency, and Getting Paid Accurately and Timely for Services Delivered

ESCSB had gone from manual billing to RCM integrated with clinical documentation, and the efficiencies gained are significant. “For our bed board billing, we gained one whole day a month over managing that manually,” Hopkins said. “Overall, we are sending out cleaner claims, and getting paid more quickly. We have cut our time in half for reimbursement.”

About Eastern Shore CSB

The Mission of the ESCSB is to provide services, supports, prevention and education regarding mental health, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and substance use issues to the people of the Eastern Shore of Virginia utilizing a person centered, coordinated care delivery model.

Providing community based mental health, developmental disability services, and substance abuse services, ESCSB serves over 2,000 individuals annually, delivering a full array of behavioral healthcare services to citizens throughout their lifespan.

The Eastern Shore Community Service Board’s (ESCSB) treatment team is comprised of caring, well qualified staff dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals served by our mental health, substance abuse, and developmental programs. Translators are available to assist in the provision of services to non-English speaking individuals.

About Qualifacts

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