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CORAS Wellness and Behavioral Health Challenge

Providing a wide array of substance abuse and behavioral health treatment services in 16 locations throughout Delaware, CORAS Wellness and Behavioral Health staff were working hard across their clinical, billing, and reporting teams, but they were coming up short on time, cash on hand, and data, metrics, and analytics, and were lacking answers about how to steer toward the future.

“The tasks our clinicians and our administrative teams needed to accomplish were taking too much time, and we were putting in too much effort to get the information we needed,” said Mary Caroselli, LMFT, Director of Child and Family Services for CORAS. CORAS needed a change that would free up time for its teams, make work easier, enhance efficiencies, and decrease stress across its clinical, financial, billing, and program staff.


CORAS chose the Qualifacts Credible EHR to gain efficiencies, make clinical documentation less cumbersome, and improve the timeliness and accuracy of billing and claims. CORAS team members were also assured they would have successful implementation and onboarding thanks to Qualifacts’ proven methodology.

Clinical Documentation Partnership for Clinical Success

“Clinicians want to spend more time with people and spend less time with the computer, and the Credible EHR has enabled us to make our documentation structured the way we want it for our programs and services, treatment plans, signature workflows, assessments, and forms,” Caroselli said. “The documentation our clinicians need to complete is easier and faster now with Credible. What had been difficult or not possible previously has become simple.”

Visibility of Staff Actions and Deadlines for Organizational Success

“Credible is making my job significantly easier, and it’s making work easier for our clinicians,” Caroselli said. “People with outstanding documentation tasks receive reminders from the system to complete their documentation, which builds accountability into our teams. Gaining oversight into the status of documentation completion enables CORAS to better meet timely filing deadlines as an organization, with easily visible individual and team accountability.”

Accurately and Automatically Tie Billing to Services for Clean Claims and RCM Success

CORAS gained the ability to submit claims electronically with Credible, and that has brought the organization savings in time and improvements in efficiency, while enhancing cash flow. Claims validation and claims scrubbing reduces rework, and CORAS is getting paid more quickly. “The ability to submit claims electronically that are correct and accurate has been huge in saving time in data entry and in having the ability to check for accuracy before we are submitting it,” Caroselli said.

Data, Analytics, Metrics and Reporting Success

“Previously, we worked in spreadsheets to analyze our data, and present reports to leadership, and that was time consuming and difficult,” Caroselli said. “It’s so much easier now. Credible reporting and analytics capabilities enable me to click what I need, review that data, save it, and pull it up again and update it in minutes.”

Implementation Partnership for Implementation Success

CORAS team members and leaders partnered with the Qualifacts implementation team and subject matter experts from the launch of the project to align for success.  “The Qualifacts team showed us what could be available to us, and how we could start building our workflows, and our staff saw how efficient and fast this was going to be,” Caroselli said. “They walked us through possibilities that weren’t even in our minds.”

“The CORAS team was collaborative, cooperative, and a pleasure to work with,” said Paula San Gabriel, Credible Implementation Project Manager. “They brought all the right questions to our sessions, and we made great progress with engaged and positive people who were ready to move forward.”

Choosing Qualifacts and the Credible platform was an easy choice to upgrade the tools that CORAS teams use every day across the organization, explained Caroselli. “As an Imperium affiliate, the Credible platform was highly recommended by our sister organization. As partners, we are now able to share common approaches to forms and workflows where our programs and services are aligned. That saves us time and energy, and we gain efficiencies by having that partnership. Aligning on one platform also enables us to appropriately share information across teams, by credentials, programs, and services.”

“Our Qualifacts implementation team was amazing,” Caroselli said. “It was such a pleasure to get to know them, and build that sense of partnership. We actually had fun in our meetings. We will be happy to reconnect with them in webinars and customer conferences as we join the peer-led state and subject matter user groups, and as we continue to connect with members of the Qualifacts Credible community.”


Founded in 2021, CORAS Wellness & Behavioral Health provides a wide array of substance abuse and behavioral health treatment services, including but not limited to, MAT Services, Outpatient Services, Family Services, Residentials Services, Sober Living Services, Primary Care Services, and other wellness and behavioral health services.

We currently have 16 facilities throughout the state of Delaware. CORAS offers 16 Locations in Delaware.

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