Compass Behavioral Health Implementation Success


Compass Behavioral Health, a provider of the full continuum of mental health services to those in need across southeast Kansas, was eager to become a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC), and expand its programs and services. The organizational growth meant looking for a modern, updated, integrated EHR to support a new level of compliance, documentation, billing, outcomes tracking, and reporting.


Compass chose the Credible Behavioral Health EHR platform from Qualifacts, for its national support of CCBHCs, its growing presence in the state of Kansas, its industry leading treatment plan documentation, and its flexibility and self-service for changing and expanding workflows and processes that enhance care and support organizational success as the organization scales up.

“We knew what we were getting with Credible — the sales process demos were so extensive that we were comfortable that it would meet our needs,” said Lisa Kay-Garcia, EMR IT Specialist for Compass. “Staff have commented that the documentation and workflows they are able to build on Credible are easier and more efficient than they could have imagined. Those are words that have never been heard here before.”

Compass was also looking for an EHR partnership that would support staff and services with peer leadership in the state, subject matter experts on staff, and timely support responses to questions, requests, and issues.

“There were many, many times during our Credible implementation that I reached out with questions, and I quickly received answers,” Kay-Garcia said. “During times when we were changing our minds about a path or an approach we had been following, we had the support from Credible to reconfigure what was done, with so much transparency that we learned how to do that ourselves in the future as we expand our programs and services.”


“With faster, more accurate documentation, managers can support providers to more effectively manage caseloads, and clinicians save time on office work that can now be spent face to face with clients,” Kay-Garcia said. “We are ahead in timely documentation, and the visibility we have gained into status for signatures and completion enhances care and brings teams together.”


“Credible’s mobile capabilities support our staff in the field, with or without internet access, so they can document accurately and efficiently at the time of service,” Kay-Garcia said. “We are spread out over 13 counties with 7 different sites, and previously that had created some challenges for us. With Credible being available anywhere from the cloud, and with the mobile application and its disconnected capabilities, any staff with the required privileges and credentials can access needed information from any of our locations, any client service location, or on the road.”


“There is so much weight off our billing staff since our GoLive with Credible. People have been freed up from repetitive clerical data entry. We are getting paid for our billable services accurately and more quickly. The time saved makes it possible to reallocate resources to more service driven positions in clinical support, which creates more meaningful engagement for staff, and will enhance care,” Kay-Garcia said. “We know that billing changes are coming, and when they do, Credible will enable us to make needed updates easily and quickly.”


“We are well into our CCBHC hiring expansion, and building out our team, to offer additional services and meet additional compliance standards,” Kay-Garcia said. “Credible is flexible and easy to update as we build and grow.”


“From the sales cycle through the implementation and into customer service and support, we have felt heard, and our questions and needs have been answered,” Kay-Garcia said.


Our mission is to realign individuals towards the right direction to recovery and balance. We offer a wide variety of quality and professional services. Each program is designed to help achieve optimal social and emotional wellbeing for the entire individual. As a leader in helping others discover improved behavioral health, we are constantly evolving with the needs of our supportive community, which expands throughout 13 counties in Southwest Kansas. Compass serves the following 13 counties: Finney, Ford, Grant, Gray, Greeley, Hamilton, Hodgeman, Kearny, Lane, Morton, Scott, Stanton, and Wichita.

Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health, rehabilitative and human services EHR vendors in the country. Its mission is to be an innovative and trusted technology and solutions partner, enabling exceptional outcomes for its customers and those they serve. With more than 20 years of experience, Qualifacts’ products and services help customers achieve interoperability goals, optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and maximize reimbursement. The company offers three EHR platforms – CareLogic, Credible and InSync, serving all segment sizes in the market.

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