CHE Behavioral Health Services Chooses Qualifacts’ OnCall’s Telehealth Solution to Power its Patient Facing Care Programs

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Qualifacts’ OnCall Health will Enable CHE to Continue its Multi-State Expansion Throughout the USA.

Qualifacts’ OnCall Health (OnCall) is proud to announce its recent client addition of CHE Behavioral Health Services (CHE), the gold standard in behavioral health in the United States. This partnership will expand accessibility to exceptional behavioral virtual care services, while enabling CHE to continue expanding its operations nationally.

CHE chose Qualifacts’ OnCall Health’s telehealth operations solution, purpose-built for behavioral health companies, to deliver the modern experience that patients and staff expect. Not only does OnCall enable CHE to deliver real-time virtual care, but the solution enables CHE to connect with patients in new ways through CHE’s white-label portal that enables a digital-first admissions experience. Paired with asynchronous care tools such as form sharing, rich media, and other content, CHE’s providers can consistently connect with patients where they are and at any time, increasing compliance and treatment completion rates.

“Many people need access to mental healthcare; but there is currently a significant shortage of behavioral health clinicians, and those that have capacity to take on new clients can be difficult to find or access. Qualifacts’ OnCall helps growing behavioral health companies manage complex telehealth operations and deliver the modern patient experience that consumers and employers expect,” says Nicholas Chepesiuk, founder of OnCall Health. “We are thrilled to be partnering with such a strong market leader in CHE Behavioral Health and look forward to enabling CHE with the infrastructure to deliver innovative new services.”

The International Committee for the Red Cross calls the mental health fallout from the pandemic a “crisis within a crisis.” To tackle this crisis, CHE will leverage OnCall’s solution to not only deliver real-time and asynchronous virtual care, but to facilitate its operations efficiently across its telehealth programs. This includes leveraging OnCall’s API to integrate CHE’s technology along with their EHR—to ensure data flows seamlessly between systems and continually available to providers. With accessible data, providers can deliver whole-person care that enhances clinical outcomes and care quality.

“CHE is excited to partner with OnCall to provide a truly customized solution for patients to access Behavioral Health providers as quickly as possible” says Michael Lawler, CEO, CHE Behavioral Health Services.

CHE will leverage Qualifacts’ OnCall’s measurement and analytics tools to better understand how telehealth is impacting their business and patients, so they can make better business decisions. CHE can measure key metrics such as patient satisfaction rates, appointment completion, and provider growth rates. OnCall also meets HIPAA compliance standards, with 256-bit encryption and data hosted on U.S. servers.

About Qualifacts’ OnCall Health

Qualifacts’ OnCall Health is a telehealth operations solution built for behavioral health companies. The solution makes it easy for providers and administrators to deliver virtual treatment by increasing efficiency and standardization through every workflow with automation and integration tools. Ultimately, the solution offers the modern and efficient virtual care experience that patients and staff expect, helping organizations retain more patients, scale efficiently, and increase revenue.

About CHE Behavioral Health Services

With over 850 psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers and licensed marriage & family therapists, CHE is the largest employer of non-contract, W2 mental health providers in the United States. Unlike many other tech-based mental health companies, CHE focuses on the clinical care experience, not the technological one.

CHE Behavioral Health Services is proud to have a reputation for providing gold-standard behavioral healthcare. In line with the belief that mental health services should be readily accessible to everyone, CHE provides support for adults 18 years and older with Outpatient Telehealth Therapy, In-person Therapy Sessions, Telehealth Psychiatry, Assisted Living Facilities, as well as Home Healthcare and other clinical partnerships throughout the United States.

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