Central Kansas Success with EHR for Rural Communities

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Previously implemented on a hand-me-down version of another EHR that wasn’t tailored to its workflows and managing day-to-day enhancements through improvements built in house by creative IT staff, Central Kansas Mental Health Center (CKMHC) needed a fully supported, integrated platform to support its services across the urban and rural communities it serves.


CKMHC chose the CareLogic EHR for its configurability, flexibility in workflow design to collect data at the point of care, and for its longstanding reputation as a trusted partner. “We wanted the best EMR in Kansas, as measured by user satisfaction at all levels: service documentation, scheduling, billing, reporting, utilization review, e-prescribing, client/community partner communication. In my opinion I think we are there,” said Kathryn Mosher, MS, MBA, CKMHC Executive Director.

Interviewed for her perspective on “Getting The Most From Your EHR Selection & Implementation Process” at the virtual 2020 Open Minds Executive Leadership Retreat, Mosher shared that she sees the recent Qualifacts + Credible merger as a benefit for both EHR products. “We’re getting the best of both worlds,” she said. “Each will learn from the other, and both will keep getting better.”

Remote GoLive Success and Telehealth Service Delivery Success During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CKMHC completed its CareLogic implementation remotely, with a statewide “Stay at Home” order in effect shortly after the kickoff meeting. The agency moved quickly to scale up its telehealth services and continued to provide virtual services once the order lifted. We are at about 60% telehealth now,” Mosher said. “We continue to offer 24/7 crisis services.”

State Reporting Success

CKMHC is using CareLogic’s 4 Gen State Reporting Platform to send batch uploads of data captured in clinical and administrative workflows.We are getting paid faster than ever,” Mosher said. “We wanted an EHR that works for us, with our workflows,” said Kathryn Mosher, MS, MBA, CKMHC Executive Director. “With CareLogic, we have improved our efficiency, and we are saving time.”

Clinical Documentation Success

“We wanted to streamline our forms to support our workflows,” Mosher said. “Our clinicians can update documentation as needed now, and they are saving time.” Creating and deploying the configurable forms was a big lift from where the organization was previously, but it was worth it: “We gained so much flexibility,” said Cristina Rodriguez, CKMHC IT Analyst. “Data is collected now where it makes sense to the providers, and to the front desk.”

Efficiencies Gained Across Administrative Roles

For our front desk staff and our billing staff, CareLogic has given people back time in their day, to take on whatever needs to be done,” Mosher said. “The integrated data collection and reporting has helped all our teams” said Steve Swenson, CKMHC IT Director. “Completing a CareLogic implementation that was on a full “Stay at Home” order after kickoff has become a regular practice under current conditions, and customer teams are adapting to it with great efficiency and camaraderie,” said Robert Patton, Qualifacts VP of Implementation Services. “CKMHC already had telehealth in place, and scaling it to COVID-19 level needs was an unexpected benefit of going live on CareLogic.”

“Adapting to current circumstances is a skill that our staff and our customers are building, and the strong relationships across teams support that new way of working,” said Mary Hatcher, Qualifacts VP of Product.

Looking to the Future

As CKMHC grows through the current pandemic to serve more people across greater distances, it will continue to reap the benefits of a cloud-based SaaS EHR platform, that staff and clients can use from any location.

About Central Kansas Mental Health Center

We strive to have a positive impact on our community: one story at a time. One person. One family. One couple. One child. One friendship. Central Kansas Mental Health Center’s mission is to make life better in our communities by providing excellent mental health services, education and integrated care which exceeds patients’ expectations.

CKMHC is a non-profit organization serving as the designated local Mental Health Authority for Dickinson, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Ottawa, and Saline counties.

About CareLogic

CareLogic is an ONC-certified, web-based electronic health record (EHR) system designed specifically for behavioral (mental) health and human services organizations. Our highly configurable EHR software empowers providers with a robust suite of clinical, administrative and financial capabilities including: scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, ePrescribing, consumer engagement, billing and reporting.

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