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Canvas Health was searching for a strategic EHR vendor that has gained its market leadership position through innovation, creativity, advanced technology, financial strength, strategic vision, and impeccable integrity. Offering and following an integrated continuous improvement policy that results in enhanced satisfaction and cost reduction for customers was a key consideration. To support clinical excellence, operational objectives, financial goals, and the desired level of client satisfaction, along with the overall expansion and growth of its programs and services, and its new Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) program, Canvas Health needed a partnership with a market leader that provided enhanced support services.


Canvas Health chose the Credible Behavioral Health EHR as its strategic partner for its CCBHC transformation and went live on the platform in February 2021. The choice was shaped by Credible’s experience in CCBHCs nationally and in Minnesota and the size and experience of the peer community in the state. “Credible’s knowledge of state reporting and billing requirements in Minnesota and for CCBHCs strongly guided our choice,” said Hilke Riechardt-Martinez, Canvas Chief Financial Officer.


One year after its successful Credible GoLive, Canvas Health was certified as a CCBHC by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, gaining official recognition and support for expanding many of the services it was already providing as a one-stop shop for mental health, substance abuse treatment, and other health care services in the community.

The CCBHC model ensures access to 24/7/365 crisis care, ARMHS services, care for military personnel and veterans, care coordination with hospitals, law enforcement, and schools as well as access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT), among other capabilities.

“Credible gave us structured, professional and detailed processes, with milestones and timelines, supported by subject matter experts,” Riechardt-Martinez said.

“The Canvas team was completely committed to the process, and to their own success, by working collaboratively throughout the implementation,” said Haley Shubert, Qualifacts Senior Partner Service Principle.


“To keep fine-tuning and building on their implementation success, Canvas signed up for Credible ESS for guidance on the best route to take for their Integrated Care Plan, input and assistance with managing their Billing matrix and RCM as well as looking for a contact at Credible as a sounding board to offer insight on best practices in a number of areas,” Shubert said. “Topics for enhanced support engagement and focus include care coordination, the Integrated Treatment Plan, telehealth, intake workflows, discharge workflows, the billing matrix, and business intelligence.”

“Our engagement has been a mix of special projects, ongoing modifications and optimization, and best practices enhancements,” Riechardt-Martinez said. “Our subject matter expert and her team at Credible were knowledgeable and experienced, and they responded quickly with recommendations and solutions that helped us expedite our processes as we continued down new paths. We have gained efficiency, speed, and visibility with business intelligence dashboards for operations, and we have worked together to draw a clear path for matching our integrated treatment plan to our expanding processes and workflows, as we expand our CCBHC services and circle the client with services tailored to their specific needs.”

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Canvas Health offers over 35 clinic- and community-based programs. Our highly skilled, compassionate clinicians provide services to people struggling with mental illness, substance use, abuse, crisis, unstable housing, and trauma. As a nonprofit community-based agency, Canvas Health acts as a safety net provider, serving those with complex needs who may not otherwise be able to afford care. Building on the powerful healing strength of families and communities, we help people develop the supports they need to stay in their own homes and live, work, and go to school in their own communities. The key to making a real difference in the lives of those we serve is the collective skills, work experience, and commitment to excellence of all Canvas Health employees.

Canvas Health’s compassionate clinicians are dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and recovery to the people we serve. We help children, adolescents, adults, and families find ways to heal as they cope with mental illness, substance use, unstable housing, trauma, and abuse.

All are welcome at Canvas Health. Our clinicians and staff work to honor every client’s individual life experience. We include and value people of every background, sexual orientation, gender identification, skin color, or disability.

Day-to-day workflows, one-off processing issues, sudden staffing changes, and billing complications can interfere with daily operations, causing EHR administration to be overwhelming. Additionally, new programs and regulatory changes can disrupt the regular operational workflow and cause needed changes to platform configurations. Our team can help you with these internal challenges and ensure you are optimizing platform usage and increasing the efficiency of your daily operations.

Enhanced Support Services engages you and your team to optimize your workflows, improve your program management, and troubleshoot problem areas with individualized support to enhance your overall operational capacity.

Enhanced Support Services offers a tailored support experience. Here’s how we can help you:
Weekly calls based on goal-driven agenda provided by you (1:1 or 1:many)
Review of recent Enhancements/New Functionality as requested
Improve System optimization and utilization
Discuss Best Practice workflows within the platform
Provide timely and direct answers in response to your agenda items
Increase self-sufficiency with troubleshooting techniques to assist your EHR Administrator with internal support

Enhanced Support Services is designed to drive operational improvements. Engaging with a Senior Support Specialist can assist your agency with domain optimization and drive efficiency in your Administrative, Clinical, and Billing operations. The offerings provided create a tailored fit to meet your needs with the type and amount of support that will serve you best.

Our packaged tiers provide great flexibility for Enhanced Support Services to meet your needs and budget. All tiers provide customers with consistent support from a Senior Support Specialist at scheduled meetings focused on specific, unique needs – assisting with overall configuration needs, review of features not currently in use, or deep-dive review into your domain to assist with a solid foundation of knowledge within the system.

Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health and human services EHR vendors in the country. Its mission is to partner with customers to support and extend their ability to deliver quality care and improve the lives of the clients they serve. With more than 20 years of experience its products and services help customers achieve interoperability goals, optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and maximize reimbursement. The company offers several EHRs – CareLogic, Credible and InSync – while collaborating to build an even brighter future for partner agencies and their clients.

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