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To manage the ever increasing complexity of federal and state compliance, clinical reporting and reimbursement, Adams County Integrated Health Services (ACIHS) needed a modern, cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) Electronic Health Record. The cross-team evaluation committee went into the search process ranking ease of use, configurability, and a company reputation for value, trust and transparency as its highest priorities. Choosing the right EHR and the right vendor is one of the most momentous choices a provider agency can make for its management, staff, and the people it serves.


After an intensive vendor selection process, ACIHS chose Qualifacts + Credible and the CareLogic integrated EHR platform for its high scores on usability, its state reporting capabilities, the company’s extensive presence in the state, its peer-led and highly collaborative state user group, its reputation for knowledgeable, helpful, and timely customer support, and the relationships formed along the way.

“CareLogic is taking us where Washington is going,” said Amanda Zepeda, the ​Mental Health Clinical Director for ACIHS. “We are very compelled by the fact that CareLogic has such a large user community in our state, that the application is in the cloud, and that we can build our own forms, the way our staff wants to have them.”

“We needed a seamlessly organized system that users can navigate without struggling,” said Alex Igbinoba, the System Administrator for ACIHS. “So many new people have been hired as we have grown, and we wanted our staff to be able to make the system their own.”

Clinical Documentation Success

The assessments and outcomes integrated into CareLogic treatment plans offer ACIHS clinical staff and managers enhanced visibility, ease of use, and cross-team care coordination compared to their previous platform, while easing workloads and enhancing productivity.

“CareLogic is more mental health based than what we had before,” Zepeda said. “Now, we can update forms ourselves as we change our workflows.When the clinical staff created the forms we need in CareLogic, that cut our paperwork time in half.”

Reimbursement and Billing Efficiency

Reimbursement is working:

“We are getting paid, and we are better off,” said Monique Ruiz, ACIHS Health Information Coordinator.

State Reporting Success ​

State reporting is working, with batches going out on time and a near perfect error rate.

“We are successfully there,” Ruiz said.

State User Group Success

Between the high rate of change in Washington state, and the size of the Qualifacts + Credible and the CareLogic footprint in the state, the collaborative user groups are a frequently used resource for peer leadership, peer learning, and tips and techniques for adjusting and adapting to new rules and requirements. “It’s strong, and it’s active,” Ruiz said.

Cloud-Based Access: Securely Access Documentation and Data from Any Location

Moving to the cloud with a SaaS EHR platform was a key objective in the selection process, and that goal has been met with CareLogic.

Looking to the Future

Washington state shows every sign of continuing to change its compliance and payment processes, and CareLogic offers the configurability and flexibility that ACIHS will need to keep the pace.

“We wear many hats,” Zepeda said.

“The success that ACIHS has found with the CareLogic EHR platform aligns with their expectations, from being able to manage clinical forms and workflows themselves, as their needs evolve, to receiving reimbursement accurately and in a timely manner,” said Robert Patton, Qualifacts + Credible VP of Implementation Services. “We support ACIHS and our other Washington customers with user focused solutions that support their ability to tune CareLogic to their programs and services, as rules and requirements change.”

“We are so pleased to hear that ACIHS is succeeding with CareLogic, and we look forward to supporting their ongoing growth with our product roadmap and our upcoming releases,” said Mary Hatcher, Qualifacts + Credible VP  of Product Management.

Reporting and documentation requirements unique to Washington as well as those shared by customers across the country are supported in CareLogic by core features that earned the application its 2015Ed ONC Certification. “These capabilities keep CareLogic ready to support current and emerging trends in behavioral healthcare, from value-based care and MACRA MIPS to evidence-based practice, and to improve quality of care, clinical efficiency and effectiveness, interoperability, and patient engagement,” said Mary Givens, Qualifacts + Credible Product Manager for Federal Programs.

Updates and enhancements to CareLogic for 2015Ed ONC Certification are part of the Qualifact + Credible continued focus on enhancing clinical workflows and features across the CareLogic EHR platform to drive better outcomes, and support data-driven decision making and interoperability.

About Adams County Integrated Health Care Services

Dedicated to providing high quality Behavioral Health for youth, adults, geriatric and families, in crisis and outpatient services, Adams County Integrated Health Care Services is Recovery Based and Person Centered in its approaches to services and care coordination with other agencies, based on individual needs and desires. ​Adams County’s mission is to ensure that people of all ages experiencing mental illness and/or substance use disorder can better manage their illness and achieve personal goals, participating in their community.

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