Perception Programs Gains Real-Time Insights into Client Outcomes for Addiction Treatment With CareLogic IMPACT

WILLIMANTIC, Conn. and NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Perception Programs, a leading provider of evidence-based substance use treatment, announced today a strategic partnership with Qualifacts designed to deliver real-time insights into patient outcomes and optimize care. The Qualifacts CareLogic electronic health record (EHR) platform complete with their proprietary IMPACT assessment module will bring the case managers, licensed therapists and clinical staff members a library of 60+ screening tools that are integrated into the EHR, to offer data-driven evidence for how people are progressing.

“In behavioral healthcare, there is no one-size-fits-all approach in terms of treatment. For an opioid addiction, for example, some patients may respond better with medication while others get better results with cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with holistic treatments. We count on our clinicians to make an accurate diagnosis, and CareLogic gives us new tools to monitor their progress and modify the plan of care accordingly,” said Selma N. Ward, CFO, of Perception Programs. “Using the CareLogic EHR platform, and the IMPACT assessment library, our providers will be able to offer assessments to people and get the results in real time.”

“Qualifacts is proud to have been selected by Perception Programs, whose evidence-based approach is well supported by the CareLogic EHR platform and the IMPACT assessment library, which integrates assessments and results into the treatment plan for greater visibility into outcomes success,” said Todd Charest, Chief Product Officer for Qualifacts. “Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life and we’re glad to partner with an organization that is dedicated to helping people do just that.”

About Perception Programs

Since 1970, our dedicated staff has ensured accessible, culturally competent, individualized, and cost effective services for our clients and the community. We believe that addictions are biological, psychological, social, and behavioral disorders that can adversely affect a person’s physical, psychological, economic, spiritual, and social well-being. We also recognize that mental health disorders and criminal behaviors are often closely associated with each other, and with substance use. We offer multiple treatment modalities, using evidenced-based approaches to assist every client in developing cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social resources to live healthy lives.

About Qualifacts Systems, Inc.

At Qualifacts, we empower our behavioral healthcare partners to achieve better client outcomes. We help simplify complexity through our responsive customer service and robust enterprise EHR solutions, ensuring our customers have the tools and insights needed to deliver quality care and demonstrate clinical and financial value. For more information visit


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