Qualifacts Partners with myStrength to Offer Seamless Access to Digital Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

April 23, 2018

New Integration Provides Direct Access on the CareLogic EHR Platform to Self-Care Solutions that Help Manage Depression, Anxiety, SUDs, Chronic Pain and Sleep Issues 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —myStrength, a leading behavioral health platform which offers digital, evidence-based tools, today announced a new integration designed to help empower individuals who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, sleep, chronic pain and co-occurring disorders.

To help behavioral health and human services organizations leverage this unique technology to complement other forms of care, Qualifacts recently completed an integration project enabling clients to directly access the myStrength application within the CareLogic EHR platform.

“We are excited to be able to integrate myStrength into Qualifacts’ CareLogic EHR platform and make digital behavioral health services more accessible,” said Scott Cousino, Co-Founder and CEO of myStrength. “Our tools and activities offer highly accessible and effective solutions for managing behavioral health issues and consistently demonstrate high levels of consumer adoption, satisfaction, engagement and clinical improvement.

“myStrength, along with other client engagement applications, are becoming increasingly popular among behavioral health and human services organizations given their ability to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care delivery,” said Todd Charest, Chief Product Officer at Qualifacts.

As the industry continues to move away from fee-for service towards a value-based care model, demand for technology that expands access to care and facilitates greater individual involvement in their health is expected to grow.

“We’re proud to collaborate with myStrength and help support their mission, as well as the mission of our customers, to improve the lives of those affected by behavioral health issues,” said Charest. “Working together, we can support better outcomes and truly transform the communities in which they serve.”

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this integration, contact your Qualifacts or myStrength account representative, or send an email to info@mystrength.com

About myStrength

myStrength, Inc. is a recognized leader in digital behavioral health. myStrength greatly enhances traditional care models, while addressing issues of cost, lack of access, and stigma, to deliver mental health and well-being resources at scale. Grounded in evidence-based approaches, our platform targets the most prevalent and costly behavioral health conditions ─ empowering consumers with innovative self-care resources to manage and overcome challenges with depression, anxiety, stress, substance use disorder, chronic pain and sleep. myStrength collaborates with more than 150 health plans, integrated health systems, EAPs, disease management providers, managed and community behavioral health providers, strategic alliances, ACOs and FQHCs. For more information, please visit www.myStrength.com

About Qualifacts Systems, Inc.

At Qualifacts, we empower our behavioral healthcare partners to achieve better client outcomes. We help simplify complexity through our responsive customer service and robust enterprise EHR solutions, ensuring our customers have the tools and insights needed to deliver quality care and demonstrate clinical and financial value. For more information visit www.qualifacts.com.

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