[Webinar] CCBHC Criteria and California’s Future

In March 2023, SAMHSA released the CCBHC criteria modifications for certifying community behavioral health clinics in compliance with the statutory requirements outlined under Section 223 of PAMA. Clinics and states are on different schedules to come into compliance with the updated criteria, with most being required to come into compliance by July 1, 2024.

Qualifacts and the National Council for Mental Wellbeing have collaborated to present an educational session about the recent modifications to the CCBHC (Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic) Criteria and their implications for the state of California.

The changes to the CCBHC criteria are significant and, in this one-hour session, we conducted a high-level review of these changes. The discussion was specifically focused on delving into the modifications to Crisis Services, Substance Use Disorders, and Population Health.

Additionally, we explored the technology and tools that will be necessary for CCBHCs to comply with the new SAMHSA modifications.


  • Increased familiarity with the new SAMHSA CCBHC criteria modifications released March 2023
  • Understanding of the new criteria for Crisis Services, Substance Use Disorders and Population Health and how they align with California initiatives
  • Greater clarity on what the CCBHC needs in technology and tools to support the new criteria


 Brett Beckerson, Senior Director, Public Policy & Advocacy

Brett Beckerson, MSW

Senior Director, Public Policy & Advocacy at National Council for Mental Wellbeing

Mary Givens, CCBHC Program Manager

Mary Givens, MRA

CCBHC Program Manager at Qualifacts