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[Webinar] Revenue Cycle Management: Agency Success Story

Billing is a complex and crucial part of every agency’s operations. Today’s unprecedented challenges mean providers need to be certain they are getting paid accurately and in a timely manner for all the services they provide. Billing expertise is essential, and even with skilled staff and advanced technology, it can be hard to fully optimize the revenue cycle.

Qualifacts Revenue Cycle Management Service (RCMS) is a proven solution to maximize revenue and accelerate cash flow. If you are ready to increase your agency’s revenue and collect funds faster, RCMS may be what you need. We are helping agencies achieve a 99% clean bill rate and increase monthly cash flow 15%!

To learn about this option, watch our webinar, Revenue Cycle Management: Agency Success Story. This presentation was recorded at our Annual Community Conference for customers. You’ll hear first-hand from an agency just like yours about how they have increased their revenue, decreased their bad debt write-offs, and achieved consistent collections month over month. Christi Mecillas, CFO of Community Reach Center discusses their original processes and the changes to their workflows brought by using the RCMS program, and the way their metrics improved to create a stronger organization.

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