CCBHC clinicians shaking hands after new EHR software deal closed

Wisdom Traditions Counseling Services, LLC | Customer Success Story

The Problems 

The leaders at Alaska’s Wisdom Traditions Counseling Services, LLC, knew they couldn’t maintain their old file-keeping system. Time was being wasted trying to handle paper files, invoices weren’t sent, and they needed a system that would allow for significant growth. The old system wasn’t consistent, making it hard to train staff, and they had no alerts regarding billing needs, leading to revenue leakage. Michael DeMolina, the owner of Wisdom Traditions, looked to the organization’s future and decided it was time to move to an EMR system before it was mandated. He asked his financial controller to search for an EMR system that would be flexible enough to do integrated services and adapt to the growing, continually changing business needs of Wisdom Traditions.  

When evaluating EHR systems, it seemed that they all would force Wisdom Traditions to drastically change how they functioned as an organization. After rejecting around ten EHRs, they saw a demo of the highly configurable Qualifacts InSync EHR platform and were impressed that the system could be tailored to the practice, not the other way around. 

Choosing InSync 

Not only did Wisdom Traditions appreciate that InSync could be customized to their practice, but they were also drawn to its ease of use through links and shortcuts, rapid support, and more. InSync also allows them to request changes and features for the system, and Qualifacts’ robust development team is able to create exactly what they need to succeed. After reviewing all their options, Wisdom Traditions found that InSync had every single feature they needed in an EHR and was completely configurable to their needs. 


The long road of choosing an EHR was finally over, and implementation began. When the time came for training, Qualifacts’ team quickly trained the staff at Wisdom Traditions and let them decide how their practice should move forward with the new system. This gave them the freedom they needed to ensure their staff had an easy transition from a paper system to a digital one. 

Impact of the COVID Pandemic 

While many practices struggled to adapt to the needs of the COVID lockdown, Wisdom Traditions was able to keep up its business with minimal changes. “With InSync, we easily adapted and stayed ahead of the curve. Not everyone thinks ahead, but Qualifacts and the InSync team do,” stated Kimberly Hamilton, Wisdom Tradition’s CFFEO. Thanks to this mindset from the InSync team, Wisdom Traditions easily adjusted their daily workflows to reduce any loss of clients. “As the country shut down and halted in-person appointments, we were able to flip to telehealth and continue as normal. COVID was a tiny blip on the radar for us. We had an extremely good year.” 


With the help of the Qualifacts InSync team, Wisdom Traditions was able to grow its business and take on intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) clients with hopes of expanding this area through InSync’s ASAM tools. Within the first year, their revenue increased drastically from 75% before adopting InSync up to 98%. Their old system lacked consistency and the alerts needed to complete billing efficiently, but with InSync, their team gets all the alerts and to-dos, and information needed to quickly take care of billing. 

“We would not have grown this much with the staff we have without InSync,” Wisdom Traditions HR Director and CFO, Kimberly Hamilton 

About Wisdom Traditions 

Wisdom Traditions is located in Anchorage, AK, and focuses on offering integrated healthcare with counseling services, primary care, medication-assisted treatment, and addiction recovery treatment. They have been supporting clients and patients as well as their entire families for more than 20 years, working to help heal both body and mind.