The Bridge Finds Success with CareLogic Remote GoLive and Telehealth Service Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic


After an abandoned implementation with a shuttered product, The Bridge, headquartered in Gadsden, Alabama, needed a reliable cloud-based EHR partner. “We wanted every one of our clinicians, staff and managers on it, and for them to enjoy using it to do their job,” said Tim Naugher, Executive Director of The Bridge, a non-profit substance abuse disorder treatment and behavioral rehabilitation center for adolescents that also offers adult programs.


The Bridge chose the CareLogic integrated EHR platform for its go-forward solution.

“We wanted all the capabilities of the platform to become part of our organization, from clinical to administrative. The ease of use and ease of training and initial orientation to the system were important,” Naugher said. “A big part had to do with the people and the relationships. References were also part of it.”

“For this customer, CareLogic is their first system with cloud-based visibility into clinical documentation, outcomes, and claims, using a secure login from any location across their service area,” said Robert Patton, Qualifacts Vice President of Implementation Services. “While it was always important to The Bridge to gain that visibility, having CareLogic be available from any location satisfied a new and urgent need when the pandemic sent providers and staff home, and services switched from in person to remote.”

Remote GoLive Success and Telehealth Service Delivery Success During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“We are going through a major change to being in 20 different counties, with the majority of our work done in outpatient centers, communities, schools, and going live in the middle of the pandemic gave us the unplanned benefit of getting all our folks online when Medicaid relaxed the rules for telehealth,” Naugher said. “In our adolescent programs, some clients are feeling more comfortable with telehealth than with coming in for a traditional face to face meeting, and we are seeing more appointments kept. We’ve had almost no dropoff, and we’ve had a pickup in some areas.”

Clinical Documentation Success​

“We had some key staff members who were very eager and highly engaged to make this successful. It is so transparent now to review the entire clinical record, and the treatment plan approvals. There’s been a tremendous amount of time savings,” Naugher said.  “Previously, we had staff printing notes and signing them by hand. For oversight, we had someone drive out to another county and look through the files to match the clinical records to the billing records.”

Reimbursement and Billing Efficiency

​“Billing is straightforward with CareLogic. With the unexpected passing of our CFO, we have received additional training and support, to keep us on the right track,” Naugher said.

Looking to the Future

This is the first time we have had a cloud-based EHR where everyone was on the same platform, and it’s amazing for us. Our overall productivity has increased,” Naugher said. “CareLogic has exceeded our expectations. We are growing, and CareLogic will support us in our growth.”

“The move to telehealth is part of the path to a sustainable future for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment providers, and current conditions have accelerated changes in how services are provided. We are so pleased that CareLogic capabilities are successfully supporting The Bridge in changing its service models, today and into the future,” said Mary Hatcher, Qualifacts VP for Product.




The Bridge is a non-profit substance abuse disorder treatment and behavioral rehabilitation center for adolescents. Headquartered in Gadsden, Alabama, The Bridge opened in 1974 and has grown to become a leader in adolescent substance use treatment. In the mid-90’s The Bridge began working with the Alabama Department of Youth Services and expanding services to include behavioral rehabilitation.  In addition, the organization began opening community-based outpatient programs to increase the number of teens and families receiving substance abuse treatment services. The Mission of The Bridge is to provide treatment opportunities that inspire hope and positive, lasting change with honor, excellence and integrity.



CareLogic is an ONC-certified, web-based electronic health record (EHR) system designed specifically for behavioral (mental) health and human services organizations. Our highly configurable EHR software empowers providers with a robust suite of clinical, administrative and financial capabilities including: scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, ePrescribing, consumer engagement, billing and reporting.