Implementation Success with Alaska Agency

Assets, Inc., gains efficiencies, usability, and customer satisfaction for supported services with an access anywhere, cloud-based solution

For more than 40 years, Assets, Inc. has been dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of disabled individuals in Anchorage, AK. The organization strives to help these individuals lead independent lives, form community connections, and secure employment opportunities. As Assets, Inc. expanded and grew, they realized the need to transition from paper documentation to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Their main requirements included an integrated platform that could provide visibility into documentation and data and reporting across various programs and locations. Additionally, they needed workflows that would bring ease of use and boost productivity within their internal processes, along with auditable touchpoints for ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

They chose the integrated EHR platform, Qualifacts CareLogic, which includes clinical documentation, billing, incident tracking, and robust reporting and data analytics. CareLogic was implemented with high staff satisfaction, productivity gains, and increased efficiency. The strong state presence and active Alaska state user group that CareLogic has established helped guide the decision.

How CareLogic EHR successfully meets the customer’s mission.

Clinical Documentation: Documenting the service plan with CareLogic was an immediate improvement, cutting the time in half versus the prior paper process.

Employment Services: Assets, Inc. offers a unique service to the people they serve by supporting employment opportunities. Staff use CareLogic to document any portion of the work shifts supported and track employment progression. “Someone could work five hours a day, Monday through Friday, and have one hour a day of support. We can show the shift, and bill for the hour that the support was needed,” said Ann Anderson, Assets, Inc., Employment Services Director, who serves as the agency’s System Administrator.

Coordinated Care: CareLogic has made it quicker for Assets, Inc. to complete service plans and disseminate the information across all locations versus printing and physical mailing to different sites.

Cloud-Based to Access Documentation and Data Securely from Any Location: Assets, Inc. has now achieved the ability to overcome geographical and time barriers, all thanks to CareLogic. The cloud-based EHR system provided by CareLogic has made it possible for Assets, Inc. staff to access critical documentation and data from any location, at any time, based on their workflow, credentials, and privileges.

Claims Compliance Success and Billing Efficiency: Thanks to the claims validation feature within CareLogic, Assets, Inc. has experienced a much faster and efficient billing cycle with fewer errors.

ONC Certification
Reporting and documentation requirements unique to Alaska, as well as those shared by customers across the country, are supported in CareLogic by core features that earned the application its 2015 ONC Certification. These capabilities keep CareLogic ready to support current and emerging trends in behavioral healthcare including value-based care, tracking of high-risk activities, and more efficient revenue capture. Qualifacts continually updates, enhances, and invests in CareLogic’s features to foster better outcomes and data-driven decision making while promoting interoperability.

Looking ahead to the future
“As compliance demands in the state of Alaska, and nationally, continue to ask more of organizations, Assets, Inc. has found success using CareLogic’s EHR platform. This success reflects on the agency’s cross-team commitment to taking its mission forward” said Robert Patton, Qualifacts VP for Implementation Services. We support Assets and our other Alaska customers with solutions specific to Alaska state data and form requirements. From intake through assessments, CareLogic provided the flexibility for Assets to create custom user-specific workflows, define data capture requirements, and create unique forms to satisfy any state regulatory or compliance requirement. This flexibility is key to how CareLogic provides scalability to all clients as they experience continued growth.”