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Why CCBHCs partner with Qualifacts as their EHR Solution

Why CCBHCs Choose Qualifacts as a Partner

Becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) is a complex and challenging process. If you’re adding CCBHC treatment, an experienced EHR partner can help with clinical, compliance, and reporting needs.

Qualifacts supported the CCBHC model when SAMHSA gave grants to eight states for a demonstration. Qualifacts is the leader in CCBHC support proudly serving 163 CCBHCs, which is 33% of all CCBHCs in the United States.


When you pick Qualifacts as your CCBHC technology partner, you’ll get:


Reporting and Analytics:

120+ standard reports, plus full support for state-specific requirements and alerts. You can expect advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, as well as dashboards, to track outcome measures, program performance, and other operational key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to CCBHCs.

Simplified Billing:

Our simplified billing module gets you reimbursed for billable services accurately and efficiently, including support for the complexities of alternative payment models such as Prospective Payment System (PPS) billing.


Flexibility for your organizational requirements. Self-service allows you to add and update programs, services, and locations without IT. Customize workflows and service documents through configurable forms, use appointment reminders to optimize staff time, fill gaps in the schedule promptly, and reduce wait times for new clients.

Outcome measures:

Use reports to track outcome measures, including caseload characteristics.


Real-life example:

One of our CCBHC customers, Ecker Center for Behavioral Health, enjoyed the ease of clinical documentation across workflows with tracking of timely signatures and clinical decision support for all levels of care. They also had the ability to collect NOMS data within the EHR. 

Trusted solutions:

Qualifacts has a great reputation within the CCBHC community, supporting 33% of all CCBHCs across the country.


HIPAA compliant, ONC API, e-labs for the electronic exchange of lab orders and results, electronic prescribing of both controlled and non-controlled medications with formulary and drug interaction checks at the point of prescribing with PDMP without an outside portal.


  “With Qualifacts, we can support the complexities of CCBHC documentation, CCBHC outcomes tracking and reporting, and CCBHC billing, while working in virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face modes. We are now able to instantly calculate CCBHC measures.”

-Kim Keleher, President and CEO of Plains Area Mental Health Center (PAMHC)


Beyond our technological capabilities, when you choose Qualifacts you get a true CCBHC partnership with us. We offer: 

Extensive knowledge

You will have access to our extensive knowledge of the CCBHC model and access to Mary Givens – Qualifacts’ CCBHC SME and Program Manager who possesses comprehensive knowledge about CCBHC criteria and service requirements. CCBHCs will tell you, Givens’ expertise and practical experience in the field are a valuable resource.

Qualifacts CCBHC User Group

Our CCBHC user group is an exclusive group of CCBHCs from across the country that meets virtually once a month for CCBHC-specific training, best practices, problem-solving, and invaluable peer support.

Collaborative, transparent, and responsive partners

Our team is here to answer all questions quickly and openly ensuring you understand the answers provided.

Continued education

Our partners have access to a multitude of continued education options with demos to different disciplines of staff and learning and development support beyond your implementation.



“Our counterparts on the Implementation Team supported us as subject matter experts and as partners, and their CCBHC knowledge and experience were invaluable.”

– Kim Keleher, President and CEO of Plains Area Mental Health Center (PAMHC)


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