mental health clinician experiencing burnout

Qualifacts Clinical Excellence

Managing Clinical Excellence While Pressed for Time and Short Staffed

Qualifacts understands that organizations, such as yours, are busy and have limited resources. There are more clients in need of care than there are available appointments and staff. Lack of staff, stress at work, changing payment models, and compliance rules can make daily tasks feel overwhelming.

93% of behavioral health workers have experienced burnout, with 62% reporting moderate or severe levels.

Qualifacts’s EHR software helps care teams collaborate better by reducing burnout and saving time. It can also help to increase patient and provider satisfaction by decreasing manual work and automating workflows in treatment plans and clinical documentation.

To improve scheduling and maximize staff resources, Qualifact’s EHR software offers appointment reminders and telehealth features. These tools help you see more patients with your existing teams. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) tools make claims and billing faster, easier, more accurate, and more efficient.

Client Intake and Telehealth | Build Clinical Capacity and Enhance Productivity

Patient engagement through Qualifacts EHR platforms begins with client intake, which our OnCall telehealth and patient portal software supports virtually. Some benefits of using one of our platforms is as follows:

  • Build clinical capacity through automatic appointment reminders and improved scheduling.
  • Automatically assign built-in or custom forms and follow up with secure messaging.
  • Automated appointment alerts can help you efficiently manage your schedule and availability. They can also boost your results, medical achievements, and organizational achievements. These alerts specifically notify you of patient cancellations and confirmations.

Qualifacts EHR platforms have tools that help clinicians easily enter client data, with templates and pre-filled fields. This reduces the need for manual data entry and allows for a comprehensive view of client care.

Managing Organizational Success for Value-Based Care and CCBHCs

Stay ahead of ever-changing payment models and compliance regulations, with self-service tools and Qualifacts support. Effectively handle the required tasks and obligations of Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHCs) and join national peer groups. Utilizing Qualifacts support has several benefits which include

  • Enhance outcomes and drive overall organizational performance by stabilizing revenue through data visualization. Qualifacts offers reporting capabilities that make it clear and efficient to use data to drive care and support value-based metrics.
  • The system automatically builds and checks claims behind the scenes, tying them to completed services.
  • Send error free claims, supported by Qualifacts RCMS+ tools.

How Qualifacts Can Help You Enhance Care and Succeed as an Organization

Give your clinicians more time and capacity to focus on important work by using Qualifacts EHR platforms. Our platforms provide treatment plans and clinical documentation that you can customize to your workflows. They also come with client engagement and scheduling tools to help your organization succeed.

Qualifacts provide advanced tools for clinical documentation to improve care and achieve better outcomes. They offer ongoing support, training, and access to user groups with peer leaders.

Qualifacts specialty subject matter experts lead the Qualifacts Customer Community. The community is part of state and national discussion groups. Members can regularly interact with company leaders and other clinicians who use Qualifacts’s EHR platforms. They are available to assist with maximizing use of all of the applicable features of our platforms.

To learn more about Qualifacts’s EHR platforms, schedule a discovery call with one of our experts.