Empowering Addiction Professionals: Qualifacts Celebrates National Addiction Professionals Day

Celebrating National Addiction Professionals Day 

Today we take time to reflect on the vital role addiction professionals have within our community. With opioid use disorder (OUD) and substance use disorders (SUD) gaining a lot of attention in these past few years, it’s good to take a moment to thank the professionals that work hard every day to help those with OUD and SUD reclaim their lives. 

Celebrated every year on September 20th, the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) established the date back in 1992 to show appreciation for the important work of addiction professionals who provide clinical counseling and support to those affected by substance use.  

The titles of these individuals can vary from substance use disorder counselor, addiction therapists, chemical dependency professional, and more, as there is a range of services that addiction professionals offer to those they serve, and some titles may seem more approachable to different people. 

Elevating SUD Treatment Through EHR Solutions 

Technology is one of the biggest assets addiction professionals can use to improve the delivery and continuity of patient care. Not only are there many great resources online to share with patients, including through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) website, but even a provider’s EHR can make a huge difference.  

With the right tools like PHQ-9 questionnaires and other screening assessments built right into their EHR system, providers have a much higher chance of catching a patient at risk of SUD than if no screening was conducted. As a majority of SUD individuals don’t seek out help for their disorder, having a way to potentially catch someone who may fall into substance abuse or is already a victim of substance abuse, allows for medical intervention much sooner. All of Qualifacts’ EHR solutions have integrated patient questionnaires, clinical decision support, and industry-respected assessments to help providers better understand if their patient might need additional healthcare support. 

Supporting Addiction Professionals with EHR Solutions 

An EHR suited for addiction personnel should help streamline workflows, take pressure off staff by reducing repetitive tasks, reduce human error, and much more. With the growing opioid epidemic, it’s imperative that those working to combat the harmful effects of addiction on their patients are able to take their mind off the tedious busy work within an EHR so they can focus on their patients.  

Technology can also better connect patients with their providers through the use of digital means. Individuals unable to reach a provider’s office might otherwise forgo doctor’s visits altogether if there is no virtual care option. This might be due to mobility issues, lack of transportation, lack of clinics nearby, and more. By offering telehealth, not only can more patients get the help they need, but providers are able to open up their practices to even more individuals who might need their services.  

Qualifacts is committed to offering our full support to addiction professionals through all our EHR and telehealth software solutions. We offer targeted solutions for those in Behavioral Health, SUD, CCBHCs, and much more. Learn more about what Qualifacts can do for your organization.